About Cycle for Change

Cycle for Change is an international cycling adventure through the Himalaya region of Nepal and India and along the rivers of Bangladesh. The project is all about educating, connecting, inspiring and helping people like you to become more involved in the fight against climate change. It’s also about adventure, action, and change and we would love you to become involved. By riding our bicycles through some of the regions that are already feeling the effects of climate change we aim to show you that this thing is real and coming to a town or city near you. We believe that the time to not care or act has long past and want inspire you and show you how to take on the biggest challenge we will all face in our lifetime.

The idea for the Cycle for Change project came from an understanding that despite all the warnings from scientists and NGO’s most people in the developed world really don’t feel any connection with the threat of climate change and the consequences that we will have to deal with in the near future. It is a situation that we cannot afford to let continue and our main goal is to connect people with the threat and inspire them to become active in making a real change to their lifestyles and that of the societies they live in.

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  • 1. phil  |  May 24, 2009 at 6:52 pm

    hey Gavin,

    here with craig in london loving your idea would love to come along but have to do some work here in Europe. I have just tour lead across through India and have some great contacts in Kathmandu and India if you need any ll though im sure you have it all under control.

    Anyway a friens of craig is a friend of mine so good luck with your project



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