getting started-why is it so hard sometimes?

October 28, 2008 at 5:18 am 1 comment

I am always asked “how do you do an adventure like the Cycle for Change?”. And in truth until I started this project I didn’t know and in many ways still don’t, but the learning curve has been huge and i hope to pass on what i have and continue to learn as this adventure progresses. The simple answer of course is come up with an idea and run with it, but when the dust from the excitement of it all settles then the real work begins and that is when reality and a decent amount of fear seems to grip most people. Questions like Can I do this?, Can I afford it?, Is it to dangerous?, What will everyone think? Can my career survive the time off? Am I fit enough? Who will help me ? Where can I get the information I need? seem to overtake most people and leave these great ideas confined to the waste basket of life marked things i could have, would have , should have done if ….. Well everyone’s life is littered with such ideas and all I can say is if you are happy living with regrets then let your fears take over, if not accept that there is no perfect time do things and putting them off just means there is less time in your life to get them and any other great ideas done before we all the way of all things.

So in a vain attempt to inspire you to get started I will try an answer a few of the above questions.

1. Can I do this? Unless you are defying the laws of physics or any other laws for that matter, then yes you can. It might be hard, it might be the biggest challenge of your life, but people recover from horrible disease to run marathons, start businesses with no money, no skill and no idea and yet still make a fortune and some people go on amazing travels to far flung corners of the world and come back just fine as better people with fuller lives. So the only thing that really stops you from doing it is your own fear.

2. Can i afford this? This can be a little more challenging but it really depends on how you want to travel, how much you want to do it ( because you can always stop having that extra latte to save a few bob here and there) and how creative you can be at raising funds. Do a journey to raise funds for a charity, get sponsorship from like minded companies or sell that second car that sits in the drive 85% of the time. There are a load of ways to raise funds it just takes a little prioritizing and sometimes putting of being gratified now for the big pay off of a journey of a life time in the future.

3. Is it dangerous? That depends on what you define as dangerous and how you combine possible threat with common sense. Don’t go solo into a Favella in Rio at night but don’t let that danger stop you from going to Rio. The basic rule is, if it looks dangerous it probably is, but you will find that as your confidence increases what think is dangerous will change and the quality of your experience will increase accordingly. Take educated, common sense chances and you will be fine. Just think how many people travel each year compared to how many get into trouble, it is very few and it is usually due to bad judgement as much as it is to bad luck or somewhere being inherently dangerous. By the way you might to say clear of Iraq and afghanistan for the time being but don’t rule them out in the future.

4. What will everyone think? Well in truth who cares but in my experience it’s usually those who fear adventure the most who can an idea the most. You will usually get about 10% outright opposition, 40 % envy and 50 % admiration and support.

5. Can my career survive? Only you can answer this but the real question what is more important? Having a career that controls your life or a life that contains a career but is not a slave to it. Living your life the way you want is more important than your career in the long run.

6.Am i fit enough? Right now probably not, but anyone can improve their fitness and if nothing else getting into shape will make every area of your life better. Think of preparing for a great adventure as the perfect reason to actually use that gym membership that keeps taking money out of your bank account but you never seem to use. The fitter you get the more you motivation will increase, a win – win anyway you look at it.

Now the who the other questions deserve a post of their own and so will duly get one, watch this space. This is by no means a complete list of the questions I regularly get asked merely a selection of the most common. If you any others that might be stopping you from going on the great adventure of your life please ask and i will be more than happy to offer any advice.

Getting started comes down having a great idea, really wanting to do it and facing up to any fears you might have. Nine times out of ten those fears seem so small once you have actually gone ahead and faced them so get out there and get traveling.


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